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Writing Christmassy Music in October

Seems a little early to be doing music for a season that is still months away, but commercial composers are usually doing seasonal music months in advance, as seasonal commercials start to be planned and produced. There are also instances where the production of some seasonals are done at the last minute, about 2 - 3 weeks before the actual airing of the commercial. This is when the music production process can get a little hectic, and I have a very limited amount of time to get the music to the point that satisfies the clients' requirements. To be honest, I prefer the short deadlines. While it can get quite stressful, you feel more alive with a certain intensity to your purpose.

I'm not feelin' all that Christmassy yet, but tryin' to make it sound like I am

Then there are projects where you are asked to do some music a couple of months before the actual production of the commercial, usually so that the director can have a feel of what the music will be, and would likely shoot the commercial based on the pace and feel of the pre-produced music. These are the projects that require extra motivation for me to do, because the excitement of the seasonal holiday isn't quite palpable yet. Still, I'm pretty thankful for the opportunities that continue to come my way, and I always welcome projects, no matter what the season!


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