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Hearing the chorus of Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long” while walking past a music CD store was all it took to send Jinx down a wonderful path to a world filled with music.


Throughout Jinx's college daze in the US, the allure of music relentlessly beckoned, resulting in more missed morning classes than necessary, and a wealth of musical experience gained. It was during this time between college classes and live gigs, when he began to write and produce his own music. Soon after, Jinx was given the opportunity to write music for an American TV commercial, and this served as his introduction to jingle-writing.


Since then, Jinx has written music for international brands such as McDonald’s, Ikea, Panasonic, Malaysian Airlines, Taobao and Nestlé. He has also scored feature-length movies. He is also a songwriter for Warner Chappell Music and produces music for artists.


Based in Sydney, Australia, Jinx continues to produce music for international brands, movies and artists, while still finding a little time to write and perform his own songs as well as performing song covers of some of his favorite musical luminaries.  Yes, that's you, Lionel Richie!


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