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Shopping at a Food Distributor - Foodlink Australia

In the age of Covid Quarantining, I try to stay at home as much as possible, except for days when we gotta get groceries. On these grocery-getting days, we tend to get a little more than usual so that we don't have to go out that often for food. The problem is, the regular grocery store by where we live, sometimes is short of some of the things we need, and of course this is understandable, given the situation we find ourselves in now.

Businesses have been palpably affected by the Coronavirus situation and many have had to adjust their business models to weather the current economic storm. Such is the case with food distribution supply service businesses like Foodlink Australia. Their usual business procedure is to supply food in larger quantities to food and beverage businesses in the area, including hotels. However, with everyone having to stay at home, those food retailers aren't requiring the usual levels of ingredient supply as before. Far from it, to be exact. So some of these food suppliers have had to adapt to the situation by adjusting their business model, and some of them have opened their business to the general public. I think this is a great solution for both the food suppliers and also the general public like you and me, who require larger quantities of groceries in order to not need to go out as much.

Here is a video of our first trip to one of these food suppliers, Foodlink, in Sydney. I have to say, it was a pretty good experience. And they had free samples of dipping sauce! I'm a sucker for dip!

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