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Jinx vs Spidey

Just when I thought it was safe to kick back and relax at my place...a spider shows up! I don't know what it is about spiders for me, but once they get bigger than 1 centimetre in span (legs to legs), they are no longer cute lil' creatures that potter along the walls...they become ominous 8-legged predators that could pounce on you without a moment's notice!

So with a generous amount of trepidation, I did my best to face the monster with as little fuss as possible, and send it on it's merry way in the great outdoors. By the way, this is the right way to get spiders out of your house. Do not use insecticides on them!

I found out later that this is a common Australian Huntsman spider and it's non-aggressive and non-venomous, but still can deliver a painful bite. It is actually quite helpful in the home because it eats small insects commonly found in the house. The interesting thing is, it doesn't spin a web to catch its prey. It stalks and chases them! This explains why it moves so fast, and why I am terrified of 'em!

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