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Jingle To Manhattan (Final Post of a 4-post Series)

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

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Two weeks after my re-recording of the jingle, it was time for the actual awards ceremony. This was at one of The Manhattan Fish Market's outlets with their newly revamped concept restaurant. As we made our way into the restaurant, we saw that the back of the restaurant was set up for a little party. They set up a table specifically for the winners and their guests.

The event began at 3pm so naturally we had lunch elsewhere before coming here, but much to our surprise, there was a 3-course meal in store for us, filled with their newest food innovations.

Cookie Battered Fish!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMM

I especially liked their new "cookie crumble" fish and chips, where the fish is actually fried in crushed cookie batter.

They then began the ceremony with a short speech from their General Manager Mr David Lee, followed by a quick video showing me at the studio singing the jingle. Finally they showcased the finished jingle, which should be playing on the radio and the web by the time you read this.

We really had a blast getting to know the other talented winners in the competition, while sharing our own stories on how we got to know about the contest, and how we produced our own versions of the jingle. It was also the first time in my life where I actually exchanged contacts in an entirely new way. Gone are the days when we actually exchange business cards. This time, all we did was follow one another's Instagram accounts! It was at that moment when I felt old and hip at the same time!

With the other winners of the competition

I'd like to thank The Manhattan Fish Market for picking my jingle as their jingle moving forward and we really enjoyed their little party. They also gave us some vouchers so I guess I will be having more of my favourite cookie fish and chips soon. I actually asked to keep the giant cheque for the heck of it and it is now sitting in my home studio, constantly reminding us to make our minds up when we should go on the trip.

So here it is, the jingle that won! The version below is my personal mix of the jingle, with the redone lyrics!

This experience has been quite enjoyable and is a nice diversion from my usual professional commercial music and movie scoring work, especially because I rarely get asked to write a full jingle with lyrics and music nowadays. Also, in some small way, winning this competition kind of validates my work as a composer, and that ultimately keeps me motivated. That and the lovely cookie battered fish and chips!

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