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Jingle All The Way To Manhattan (Part 3)

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

If you haven't already read Parts 1 or 2 of this blog entry:

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About 6 months later, I got the unbelievable news that I had won the Grand Prize! I actually got a phone call from someone in The Manhattan Fish Market to tell me the good news.

In that phone call, they told me that there would be a prize-giving ceremony in 2 weeks and the winners were all invited to be special guests at the event. In addition to that, I also had a request from the management of The Manhattan Fish Market to adjust some of the lyrics to the jingle.

This is a very common occurrence in my usual professional experience as a composer. After you come up with some lyrics, the clients would usually have some comments or requests for some adjustments to the lyrics. My challenge as a creative, is to dissuade the clients if their requests for change are detrimental to the creative integrity of the jingle, in a tactful way, of course. Or, if the clients' requests for changes are warranted, then it is your challenge as a composer, to incorporate these changes in the best possible way.

In this case though, the management of The Manhattan Fish market only wanted to change one of the dishes in the lyrics from "Cajun Wings" to "Flaming Prawns" and to insert the word "The" to "Manhattan Fish Market" in the lyrics. I met some of The Manhattan Fish Market management at the studio and we discussed some of the factors that the changes in the lyrics would affect the way the jingle had to be sung, and then I went into the recording booth.

Singing into an AKG C414 XII mic into a Neve 5012 Portico pre-amp sounds sweet!

After a few passes singing the jingle, I was done!

The marketing team of The Manhattan Fish Market making sure I was singing the right lyrics!

So all I had to do now was sit tight and wait for the prize-giving ceremony in 2 weeks!

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