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Inspiring Music Inserted in a Cooking Video

Since the start of this quarantine period, I have started filming my wife's culinary adventures as she goes deeper down the rabbit hole of culinary excellence. The best part of course, is the fact that I get to eat all the results of her escapades, both successes and failures haha.

And since I am a composer, I have been putting my music to these videos. For some of the earlier ones, I have written music that is what is usually heard in videos like these, pleasant, backgroundy stuff, without calling attention to themselves.

For this video I thought I'd do something a little different. I thought I'd try to rally some people who happen to stumble upon this video to actually feel inspired to actually try cooking this dish. So how does one do that? By composing inspirational music for the video!

Yeah, I know this is just a quick video showing how to cook, but by Golly, why not make it an inspiring one? It's really cool how different music can change the feel of a particular video.

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