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I'm Officially An Old Man

As you get a little older in this game called life, life has a way of giving you subtle and sometimes, not-so-subtle-hints about this inevitability. For some, it's the sight of giggly, exuberant college kids at some watering hole, with nary a care in the world, incessantly talking about the latest tweet from the latest influencer de jour. For others, it's your weary body giving you sore reminders on how not to physically push yourself the way you did when you were young, especially now when the distance between your bellybutton and your spine has increased ten-fold since your college years. For me, the greatest indicator that I'm officially old is, being excited about the latest Ikea thing I get for my home.

And why shouldn't I be? What a deal I got for this shelving unit (VESKEN trolley) that just cost AUD15! (I just checked, it's even cheaper in Singapore and Malaysia at SGD9.90 and RM29.90 respectively) (Dammit, I've been screwed!) (This is another indicator that I'm old. I complain about not getting the best deal)

OK I need to clarify. I haven't really fallen off the deep end here. I get excited over Ikea stuff that have a very high degree of utility in my house. Meaning, they look nice enough, but their level of utility really exceeds their price point.

For that dead space between my fridge and my kitchen cabinetry, this trolley just fits perfectly.

Ahhh yeah that's rather a satisfying sight.

Some things to note. The actual trolley unit only comes with enough shelving for 3 levels. Since we wanted more space, we bought two units and just built one unit up to 4 levels and another unit up to 2 levels where I am now using as a sliding storage shelf.

So as I try to come to terms with my new chronological classification, at least I can bask in the warm fuzzy feeling of being a little more organized than I was when I was young.


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