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Fun Video Project

I have this strange habit of wanting to shoot video of my wife baking or cooking. I don't know if it has anything to do with those foodie videos that I see inundating my social media, or if I just want to relive the joy of watching the delicious food she prepares just before I wolf it all down.

However, instead of just having unending clips of haphazard video clips of food prep, I thought it would be nice to actually string those together to form some semblance of coherent chronological vlog of the actual cooking or baking. So here is one of the first of those videos. It is more of a "just watch" kind of thing, with the actual recipe linked on the page if you should get the urge to actually try making it as well. There is no instruction in the video, but I guess it could serve as a visual guide to what is being instructed in the recipe. I also decided to put some of my unused music as the background music for the video and I kind of like the look of the cartoon character on her apron, so I decided to give it a personality as well.

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