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Dalgona Coffee - Nice and Lethal at The Same Time

So there's this thing that's been trending recently about this drink known as Dalgona coffee. Supposedly this trend started out in Korea, even though this type of coffee has been enjoyed in other places in the world like Macau and India before some Korean celebrity talked about this coffee in one of those Korean food shows. The reason why it's called "Dalgona" is because the taste is similar to that of some popular Korean candy called, you guessed it, "Dalgona".

According to Wikipedia, the origin of this drink comes from India, and thanks to the Internet, and everyone being stuck at home, it's suddenly become the drink to try to make at home. It was only a matter of time after seeing this time and time again on my social media feeds, that I would give this a try. Also, it looked so freakin' delicious! So I thought we'd give this a try.

As it turned out, it's really easy to make, and it only took about 5 minutes to make in total (as long as you used an electric mixer). And it was crazy sweet. So much so that my eyesight started to be affected by the overload of sugar. You know those floaters in your field of view? Well, after drinking this coffee, those floaters started to flicker and I couldn't even see my computer screen properly! I had to to drink a couple glasses of water and close my eyes for a bit before I was fine again.

The next time we do this I will try to reduce the sugar to the minimum that is required for the frothiness to happen, and not a granule more. Diabetics beware!

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