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Band of Memories

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

As I continue on this wondrous journey of life, as a chronologically confirmed adult (mentally, the Jury is still out on that one), I can't help but to marvel at some of the indelible memories I have of a time when playing music with my friends was almost all that mattered. Those glorious moments when we played our favourite songs, with our individual music instruments, and hearing how all the parts came together to form a crescendo of harmony...yeah, that was my definition of bliss, even though, I'm sure if I took a time machine back to those exact moments, our playing would probably sound substantially more realistic (crappy) than how I remember it.

Still, they were times that mixed a healthy dose of musical cacophony with feelings of pseudo-greatness, mostly because we thought we were able to emulate our favourite bands. It almost didn't matter if we really sucked, we just enjoyed playing together, and in front of audiences who would lend their kind ears.

So here are some of those memories, encapsulated in photos, of some of the bands that I was a part of, at one point or another during my youth. While I am fully aware that these photos, as nostalgic-looking as they are, may not bring you the amazing memories that my buddies and I shared once upon a time, I am hoping that you may be chagrined at the strange fashion choices and hairstyles we chose to wear!

I'd also like to thank everyone with whom I have had the privilege of sharing indelible musical moments in my life, along with the unforgettable laughter, questionable fashion sense and hairstyles. I wouldn't have it any other way.

My first band Axis. I still don't know the reason behind the name. All I know is, we really thought we were too cool for school.

My other band called Rubber Band. I thought it was a clever name at the time.

My first professional jazz vocal group - Scotch & Soda

A bunch of us international students got together and played a show during our college years.

My band in college called Laurel Cove. That's the name of the street where our drummer's house was. Yeah, we had a crap load of instruments...ahh the joys of payment plans!

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