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Another Cover - Get Here (Oleta Adams)

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

I first heard this song at a bar in 1991. I was there with a bunch of college friends. The cover band played this song and almost as soon as the first few lines were sung, my friend (whose boyfriend had just left for another college in another country) just started bawling her eyes out. I was just so amazed at how this song could evoke so much emotion and realized the power contained within a great song.

Last year, after having been away for 18 years, I had the privilege of visiting my old stomping ground, the good ol' US of A, in a trip of epic proportions. I got to see some of my old buddies, and we had a good laugh about how much our hairlines had receded and how much our waistlines had increased.

During parts of this journey, I filmed some footage so that I could dedicate this song to all my friends near and far. Little did I know then, that in a few short months, the world as we know it, would so drastically change. Now that our world has been turned upside down with all the travel restrictions due to Covid-19, this dedication has become much more meaningful to me.

I am so very thankful that I made the trip when I did, and got to visit so many old friends. I can't wait for the time when I am able to meet up with more friends and family in person again, and to experience in-person fellowship once again. I just wish they could just "Get Here". To all my friends, past, present and future, here's to one day being able to meet up with you in person again!


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