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Jinx Chin Jhin Khim, Beatrix Thamrin

Songwriting Team:

Warner Chappell Malaysia




Pop, Electro Pop










Acoustic Guitar, Synth Bass

Main Instruments:

Post Malone

Sounds Like:

Song is about the end of a relationship being devastating to the point of becoming a person's "blind spot" where there is no perceivable meaning in life.
The bridge of the song also gives the clue that maybe it was the singer who was blind to the needs of the person who left. So the chorus of the song has a double meaning. Before the bridge, the singer blames the person who left for leaving him in a blind spot, but after the bridge, the singer blames himself for causing the blind spot for the person who left, even though the words in the chorus are the same throughout the whole song.

Additional Notes:

Blind Spot

Jinx Chin and Beatrix Thamrin

Verse 1

Heart broken on the floor

When you walked out, out that door

And I still can’t see a way out for me

Look around this empty space

I still see images of your face

Gotta feeling that I’ll never be free

Prechorus 1

Every thought excruciating

Every memory devastating

Looking for an answer to my pain


Left me in a blind spot, can’t stop denying

Heart is shot, can’t stop the dying

Will this aching madness ever end

Played my part, just a little too well

It wasn’t smart, now I’m in this hell

This plot twist left me in this blind spot

Verse 2

Thought we were invincible

We could never be divisible

I keep wondering how did it all go wrong

A million thoughts racing in my head

Afraid to think of what lies ahead

Don’t have what it takes for me to just move on

Prechorus 2

Every thought is excruciating

Every memory intoxicating

Looking for an answer to my pain


I walk a thousand miles in your shoes

Now I see, I was blind to you


Blind Spot

Blind Spot
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